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13 Responses to Videos

  1. Van Hanja says:

    we would like to enter the dance !

    • Posse Up says:

      Van Hanja, awesome video, but this is a Flatland BMX video contest. The majority of the video should be Flatland BMX, but if you want to throw in some street, dirt, ramp, etc that is great, but the video should be mostly Flatland BMX.

      The next contest round will include all disciplines of BMX, and will begin in the Summer.

  2. ramon says:

    Here’s our entry, wish I had a better camera:

  3. Here is our edit :
    Valentin Flad and all the Servon Crew

  4. Hi. we are from India, and I’m a promoter of the sport which is not so wide spread here. I also ride, and run a BMX shop here. Hope you like the video.

  5. onelovecrew posse up entry!

  6. ben querubin says:

  7. Baltimore says:

    Baltimore’s in it.

  8. frank macchio says:

  9. Sean Fontenot says:

    Heres the socal posse up!!!!!!

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