Deadline for your posse’s video submission is May 1st, giving each crew about 4 months to shoot and edit their video.  (contest will launch beginning of January 2012).

Your posse’s video must include a minimum of 3 riders.  No rider duos, sorry.

THIS IS A FLATLAND BMX CONTEST.  However, if you ride street too, or you have street riders in your crew, feel free to include them!  Our judges know what’s up with street too!  Just keep in mind, the majority of your video should be flatland BMX.

Videos must be under 7 minutes in length, and uploaded either to Vimeo or Youtube.

Someone in your group must have a PayPal account to get paid the prize money.

Judging Criteria (4 categories to be judged on a scale 0-10):

Your Posse’s Overall Trick Difficulty (Has your scene pushed itself and developed a high level of riding, or are you guys doing trackstands?)

Your Posse’s Overall Trick/Technique Variety (How varied is your posse’s trictionary?  Is everyone on a whiplash kick, or does your crew bring a wide variety of technique to the lot?)

Cinematography/Editing/Presentation (Can your crew hold a camera steady? Edit too?)

Overall Creativity/Originality….tricks, video, whatever (How creative and unique was your crew in representing themselves?)

The purpose of this contest is to push each scene to get together, ride bikes, have fun, and show the world why their scene is the best.

Winner Takes All!


5 Responses to Rules

  1. Too bad that we are two in our crew… We wanted to participate, but unfortunately we can’t

    • Posse Up says:

      Just find one more BMX homie… even if they don’t ride flatland! The video should be mostly flatland bmx, but if one of your bmx friends is a streeter, include em too!

  2. We don’t know any other rider in the near of our town

  3. Cluck says:

    Can I join his crew via the web?

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